Software & Programming

We at Boboy don't just build websites, we create software for your company.

We do custom web application and software

  • E-commerce websites
    • An e-commerce website is an online shopping destination where users can purchase products or services from your company.
  • Blogs
    • A blog features regularly updated articles, photos and videos. Blogs started with more casual, personal content compared to magazines.
  • Portfolio websites
    • A portfolio website allows creative professionals a place for showcasing their best work. This is perfect for artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, furniture builders.
  • Business Website
    • A business website is any website that’s devoted to representing a specific business.
  • Entertainment Website
    • If you think about your internet browsing habits, you can probably think of a few websites that you visit purely for entertainment purposes.
  • Media Website
    • Media websites collect news stories or other reporting. There’s some overlap here with entertainment websites, but media websites are more likely to include reported pieces in addition to or instead of content meant purely for entertainment.
  • Brochure Website
    • Brochure websites are a simplified form of business websites.
  • Nonprofit Website
    • In the same way that businesses need websites to be their online presence, nonprofits do as well. A nonprofit website is the easiest way for many potential donors to make donations and will be the first place many people look to learn more about a nonprofit and determine if they want to support it.
  • Educational Website
    • The websites of educational institutions and those offering online courses fall into the category of educational websites.
  • Infopreneur Website
    • Infopreneur websites overlap a bit with business and eCommerce websites, but they represent a unique type of online business. Infopreneurs create and sell information products. That could be in the form of courses, tutorials, videos or ebooks.
  • Web Portal
    • Web portals are often websites designed for internal purposes at a business, organization, or institution.
  • Wiki or Community Forum Website
    • Most people are familiar with wikis through the most famous example of one out there: Wikipedia.
  • CMS(Content Management System) Website